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Where is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director?

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As hard to spot as a well-camouflaged Waldo or surreptitious Carmen San Diego, Francis Cissna, Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is almost nowhere to be found. The exception – aside from mandatory appearances at congressional oversight hearings and the occasional press interview – is among the pols he deigns to address who staunchly oppose a functioning and Continue Reading

From the Jails to the Streets, Courthouses and Worksites: California Takes on the Federal Immigration Police

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The familiar lines were drawn.  Combatants clashed in a war of words, competing governance philosophies, conflicting laws, and judicial challenges – all in an age-old constitutional battle of federal power versus states’ rights.

This time around, however, the roles were reversed.  Version 2018 is unlike the 1960s when extreme-right southern conservatives, claiming to champion states’ rights, defied but ultimately failed … Continue Reading

Looking Back — Not Much Immigration Solace from Obama

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As the Obama presidency nears its twilight, let me tell you about our leader’s eight-year, largely-disappointing record on immigration.

But first a bias alert:  I voted for the President twice; I like and respect him; and I marvel at how glib, cool, incisive, studious, and otherwise mostly big-hearted he’s been.  With favorability ratings nearing 60 percent, he’s seen by most … Continue Reading

L-1 Petitioners Beware: USCIS Confirms Plans to Expand FDNS Site Visit Program

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L-1 Petitioners Beware: USCIS Confirms Plans to Expand FDNS Site Visit Program By Maura K. Travers and Angelo A. Paparelli

History is about to repeat itself. Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS), a directorate of  United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is set to embark on another foray of surprise visits to Corporate America, seeking to determine whether employers … Continue Reading

Guest Post – The Extraordinary Immigration Tango: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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[Blogger’s Note:  Prolific and always astute Karin Wolman, lawyer extraordinaire in immigration matters involving artists, entertainers and others of superlative talent, once again offers a thoughtful and thought-provoking assessment (“with welcome edits by Stacey A. Simon“) of the clash of the creatives with the hard realities of modern-day immigration law and practice.  Grimace and enjoy.]

The Extraordinary Immigration Tango: One Step… Continue Reading

“Bibles, Badges and Business” Converge for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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The “phantasmagoric politics” of Washington DC often produce hallucinatory effects:

[A]lmost every time I travel there . . . something comes over me. Inside the Beltway, talk can give off the illusion of action. The mouthing of words, however powerful on the printed page or eloquent when spoken, is seen . . . as equivalent to progress.

During my latest … Continue Reading

Xeriscaped Immigration — with All the Juice Squeezed out

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It’s been desiccation junction everywhere in the nation of immigrants. Week-long fears of a government shutdown (averted nearly at the witching hour, midnight on April 8) seemed to suck the air and the attention spans out of official Washington.  A volunteer army of lawyers, descending on the Capitol for a National Day of Action to fix America’s broken immigration system, heard most legislators, … Continue Reading

ICE’s New Employment Compliance Inspection Center to Target the Largest U.S. Companies

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Practicing employment-related immigration law seems much like serving as consigliere to the biblical David and advising him on Goliath’s points of vulnerability (“[smite] the Philistine in his forehead“). As the bar knows well, in immigration matters the brobdingnagian federal government tends to go after the most lilliputian of American businesses. 

The early case law interpreting the duty of employers to complete Form I-9Continue Reading

Don’t Slog on your Blog – Seven Tips for Cyber Writers

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Readers of this blog surely have noticed the absence of new postings in the last two months. With the start of the New Year, and a holiday season break, this blogger is refreshed and enthusiastic to alert readers to the dysfunctions of America’s immigration system. Coming weeks will see postings of podcasts on comprehensive immigration reform and global immigration issues … Continue Reading

Angelo on Acting

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Today, lawyers worry about many looming threats.

Competition for clients has never been greater; The demands on lawyers to bring in new and profitable business continue to mount; The pressure grows to improve client service while holding the line on fees in a globally competitive environment.

It’s enough to spoil the few stolen moments of recreation that we harried lawyers … Continue Reading

Why “Nation of Immigrators”?

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This is the first posting to a new public-policy blog with a name that must be a typo:

Surely this blogger means to write “Nation of Immigrants,” not “Immigrators”. No; there’s no mistake.

We are all Immigrators. We, the inhabitants of America, whether citizen or foreigner, are all Immigrators.

In the post-9/11 America of 2004, Immigrators include: … Continue Reading