Readers of this blog surely have noticed the absence of new postings in the last two months. With the start of the New Year, and a holiday season break, this blogger is refreshed and enthusiastic to alert readers to the dysfunctions of America’s immigration system. Coming weeks will see postings of podcasts on comprehensive immigration

Today, lawyers worry about many looming threats.

  • Competition for clients has never been greater;
  • The demands on lawyers to bring in new and profitable business continue to mount;
  • The pressure grows to improve client service while holding the line on fees in a globally competitive environment.

It’s enough to spoil the few stolen moments of

This is the first posting to a new public-policy blog with a name that must be a typo:

Surely this blogger means to write “Nation of Immigrants,” not “Immigrators”. No; there’s no mistake.

We are all Immigrators. We, the inhabitants of America, whether citizen or foreigner, are all Immigrators.

In the post-9/11 America of 2004, Immigrators include:
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