Mobility leaders in multinational companies face a slew of challenging tasks. Prime among these is working with the corporate procurement department to select the best team of immigration lawyers to handle the complex needs of hundreds or thousands of noncitizen assignees and their families.

The ideal legal-services provider must effectively manage the intricacies of immigration and mobility requirements across multiple destination countries, adapt quickly to changes in government immigration programs, offer a responsive and empathic employee experience facilitated by advanced technology, and provide strategic advice as visa and residency requirements inevitably change, particularly when national elections introduce governments that are either more welcoming or hostile to foreign workers.

The selection process typically involves issuing a request for proposal (RFP) to a limited set of promising candidates, and the eventual winnowing of providers who are invited to in-person or web-based screenings.

Too often, however, not all the right questions are asked in the RFP or the face-to-face encounter, or the queries are phrased in ways that might not flesh out meaningful and distinctive answers.

To spark your own inquisitive probing, check out my article listing the top five questions buyers of high-volume immigration legal services should ask their immigration lawyers.

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