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Memo to GCs: If Ever There Is a Time for Immigration Portfolio Management, It’s Now.

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Much has been written since April 17 when the bipartisan Gang of Eight senators introduced S. 744, a brobdingnagian immigration reform bill that overlays 844 pages of turgid text on top of the already gargantuan and complex Immigration and Nationality Act.  The Migration Policy Institute, the National Immigration Law Center, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) have … Continue Reading

Oh What a Tangled Immigration Web We Weave: A Knotty Future For the H-2B Program

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[Blogger’s Note: This post — originally published on March 31, 2013 — is a guest column (updated on April 3, 2013) to reflect actions by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The original post was authored by a former federal government official who played a substantial role in immigration policy. The revisions were added Continue Reading

Immigration Quota Reform: Waste Not, Want Not

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Frugality, something second nature to our colonial forebears, is a trait we Americans seem to have forgotten.  We are profligate in our material acquisitions and in their disposition. (Witness the growing mountains of toxic electronic waste that are almost as hard to be rid of as spent nuclear fuel.)   Saving for a rainy day is not the meme it … Continue Reading

Will the new Labor-Business Accord Produce an Immigration Death Panel?

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One of the most challenging elements of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) has long been the need for consensus on the legal, temporary entry of essential foreign workers. This plan for “future flows” of guest workers is critical if we are to reduce the incentive of unauthorized migrants to crash the border.

The lack of agreement between business and labor over guest-worker … Continue Reading

The Immigration Line is Too Damn Long (and Slow)

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Steadfastly opposing a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, the anti-immigration crowd has long trumpeted an array of related memes:

Why don’t they just get into line like everyone else? Why don’t they wait their turn? Why don’t they just follow the law? Why should we reward lawbreakers who disrespect our laws? Why should those here illegally be treated as… Continue Reading