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Memo to GCs: If Ever There Is a Time for Immigration Portfolio Management, It’s Now.

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Much has been written since April 17 when the bipartisan Gang of Eight senators introduced S. 744, a brobdingnagian immigration reform bill that overlays 844 pages of turgid text on top of the already gargantuan and complex Immigration and Nationality Act.  The Migration Policy Institute, the National Immigration Law Center, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) have … Continue Reading

Guest Post: The New Immigration Reality for O-1 Visa Petitions by Agents

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[Blogger’s note:  Today’s post is written by my colleague and friend, Karin Wolman.  Karin’s latest guest post,  like her last one, available here, critiques USCIS policy changes that adversely affect the use of the O-1 visa category by artists and entertainers.  When her last post was published on this blog, I was soon contacted by a senior USCIS Continue Reading

The Nine Best Immigration Practices for U.S.-Inbound Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Investors

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Over more than the last 30 years, I’ve advised countless foreign businesses and investors seeking to establish operations in the United States. Many thrived, but some, regrettably, failed to survive. Often, the founders’ inattentiveness to the requirements of U.S. immigration law has been a primary cause of rough beginnings or failures to launch. This blog post will offer best immigration … Continue Reading

Immigration DREAMers and the Way Forward: An Open Letter to President Obama

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Dear Mr. President:

With all respect, and lingering if flagging admiration, I write to help you tackle a problem — America’s broken immigration system. If you do the right, bold thing on immigration, it could well determine the success of your presidency and facilitate your reelection in 2012.

You’ve already admitted that the voters gave you a “shellacking” in the … Continue Reading

DOL’s Immigration Dereliction – The Continuing Perils of Hilda and Her PERM

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When we last left our heroine, Hilda Solis, the Secretary of Labor, she faced uncomfortable and still-unanswered questions about why her agency shrinks from performing its statutory duty to determine labor shortages while playing mountebank to American and foreign workers and U.S. employers. The source of the bureaucratic trickery, we learned, is the “labor certification” process, a specious test … Continue Reading

Immigration Dereliction — The Perils of Hilda and Her PERM

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Hilda Solis — the Secretary of Labor — hails proudly from immigrant stock. She understands the suffering immigrants endure for a chance at the American Dream. She also knows the importance of ensuring that U.S. workers are protected and treated fairly. I wonder how she continues to tolerate the abuse of American and immigrant workers, and of U.S. employers, … Continue Reading

Do Touch the Immigration Junk – And turn it into DREAMs

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John Tyner, a San Diego software engineer and newly minted American folk hero, faces an $11,000 civil-disobedience fine for refusing an intimate groping, dubbed by Orwellian bureaucrats as an “enhanced patdown,” that Hillary Clinton would herself refuse. The man who threatened a citizen’s arrest if his “junk” were touched epitomizes an aroused populace, even including flaccid Baby Boomers, … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: A View from the Audience

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This week at a health care hearing a Tennessee state legislator unleashed a repulsive metaphor. He likened immigrants illegally in the country to “rats” who “multiply.” Once my feelings of outrage and disgust subsided, I began to ponder how quickly metaphors can electrify emotions and make reasoned discussion of immigration so difficult. Using Twitter, I quickly discovered sights, sounds and … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: California Dreamin’

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After witnessing an election that may shift most of the country and the federal government sharply to the right on immigration reform, I desperately needed a diversion. Preparing for two upcoming speaking gigs filled the bill. On Monday, I will speak on immigration to the Roman Catholic clergy of Orange County, California, and a week later, on the same topic … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: Time to End the IRCA Squeeze

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With Republicans salivating at the prospect of capturing at least one chamber in Congress, and President Obama and the Democrats in (perhaps temporary) retreat, the time seems right to reflect on how much trouble our broken immigration system has caused both parties and the country.

Repeatedly, on both sides of the partisan aisle, the hiring of an unauthorized foreign housekeeper, … Continue Reading

The Immigration Star Chamber’s Star-Crossed Stakeholders

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Trouble, we got trouble, right here in Immigration Country (apologies to Meredith Wilson, lyricist for The Music Man). As the song goes, “either you’re closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge or you are not aware of the caliber of disaster indicated.” I refer not to the ersatz “professor” Harold Hill’s remonstration against the game … Continue Reading

For the Government Oversight Committees: Immigration Questions on a Silver Platter

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Prognosticators, pontificators and pundits across the political spectrum predict that, no matter the outcome of the November elections, grinding out any new laws in the next Congress will be especially difficult. The 24/7 news cycle, the “gotcha” politics of personal destruction, and the collective eyes on the big prize in 2012 will all make bipartisan lawmaking as likely as a … Continue Reading

Immigration Bread and Circuses: An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert

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Dear Stephen,

I’ve been letter-writing lately on immigration — to Glenn Beck and to the Editor of The New York Times. As a loyal American and a citizen of ColbertNation, it’s high time I correspond with you.

I’m writing to applaud your appearance before the House Judiciary Committee during “Protect Our Harvest,” the Immigration Subcommittee hearing … Continue Reading

Immigration Innocents and the Dream Act: An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

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Dear Glenn:

I’ve never communicated with you before, but something you said recently prompts me to write.

I saw you on C-SPAN during your August 28 Restoring Honor event at the National Mall in Washington. Like many others, I was pleasantly surprised that you turned away from politics and focused instead on time-honored moral and religious values.

You spoke about … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: It’s Always the Economy, Stupid!

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James Carville’s famous snowclone on how to win an election — “It’s the economy, stupid!”— has new, very buff legs. With the traditional Labor Day launch of campaign season just six days ago, the American people have already witnessed the fur of political charges and countercharges flying. The 24/7 news cycle and the ocean of tweets, blogs and YouTube … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: Consular Voices Recorded in the Key of ‘No’

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Let’s resume our journey along the road where the arts intersect with America’s dysfunctional immigration system. (Previous blog stops en route are posted here and here.) Two weeks ago, USCIS made news when it reportedly held up the approval of a visa petition for America’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan, thus requiring Larry King to extend his term as … Continue Reading

The Dark Sides of Immigration Fame and Anonymity

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For someone whose career had seemed in rocket-vectored ascendancy, Piers Morgan — famed British journalist, TV host, 2008 winner of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, and 2006 season judge of America’s Got Talent — has encountered an implacable obstacle. The object reportedly in his way is so impenetrable that, even with help from CNN, Piers cannot pierce it.

As first … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: No More Border Voodoo Economics

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Supporters of stricter border enforcement must have uncorked the champagne yesterday. The Senate, in bipartisan fashion, broke a deadlock over funding and passed S. 3721, a $600 million emergency appropriation that would bring 1,500 more federal enforcers and unmanned aerial drones to the U.S. border. Last week, the requisite number of House members voted “yea” to a similar bill … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: Congress Must Behave

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Amid all the pre-election hurling of vituperative, partisan accusations this week over a Federal Court’s partial injunction against AZ SB 1070 (Arizona’s foray into federal immigration enforcement), you would be forgiven if you overlooked two small but significant creatures in the immigration ecosystem.

A pair of remedial immigration bills, passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, awaits a vote in the … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: Who’s on First?

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I’ve written time and again on the mission amnesia that afflicts federal immigration agencies. For students of bureaucratic behavior in the immigration ecosystem, another key lesson on forgetfulness can be learned in a teachable moment offered at taxpayer expense if we examine federal decisions in the pre-spill era before the offshore and onshore catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

To … Continue Reading