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America’s Creaking, Crotchety Immigration System — Not Ready for the Globalized World

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Few observers predicted the profundity of global political changes in the first quarter of 2011.  

The Middle East, still the source of most of the world’s energy, has witnessed civilian protestors toppling despots and prompting autocrats to invite foreign-state and mercenary armies to quell peaceful demonstrations and slaughter citizens. Libya’s never-predictable Muammar el-Qaddafi, having nearly routed indigenous rebels centered around Benghazi, faces a UN-authorized no-fly zone … Continue Reading

Granular and Possibly Grand Immigration Reform

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Ever since studying Constitutional Law years ago, I’ve never really resolved in my mind the tension between federal supremacy and states rights. Most days, I see the need for national uniformity of law and lean toward federal power.   At other times, I appreciate the benefit of sensitivity to local conditions and the wisdom of allowing the states to serve as 50 laboratories to … Continue Reading