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Your Days Are Numbered — Practicing Arithmophobic Immigration Law

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Preferring words over numbers, I chose the practice of law. Preferring people over numbers, I forsook tax law and opted to practice immigration. How naïve of me to think that numbers could be so easily avoided. Everywhere they confront and torment me.

USCIS filing fees soar. Fines for violating I-9 regulations, engaging in prohibited immigration discrimination, and employing unauthorized Continue Reading

The 2013 Nation of Immigrators Awards – The IMMIs Are Announced

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Hindsight, the armchair pundits say, is 20-20.  The year 2013 has proven them wrong.

The end-of-year’s rear-view mirror onto the world of U.S. immigration shows impenetrable fog.  Unsurprisingly, as filmgoers know, vapory views of the recent past tend to diminish the apparent significance of events occurring early in the year (“never has a film released in July won an Continue Reading

Immigration Voices: “Visa Now Needed for U.S. Citizens to Enter the Beltway?”

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Visa Now Needed for U.S. Citizens to Enter the Beltway? By Ted J. Chiappari and Angelo A. Paparelli*


Shutting down the government for a couple weeks gave Congress time to turn to our immigration laws this month.  Reports have been leaked that at the top of Congress’s agenda is a proposal to introduce a visa requirement for US … Continue Reading