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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Guest Immigration Post: What Are We Paying for? USCIS and the I-526 Exemplar Process

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[Blogger’s Note:  Today’s post comes to us courtesy of my colleague, Brandon Meyer, a prolific writer whose analysis and commentary cover a wide array of immigration law topics.   Brandon offers a spirited post on a troubling aspect of the EB-5 employment-creation immigrant investor green card category. Thanks to him for having allowed me to be in top holiday spirits, undiverted from the Continue Reading

Telling Immigration Stories: It’s Not Just about Code Sections

Posted in Adjustment of Status, Enforcement/USICE, Extreme Hardship, General Immigration, Hate speech, Immigrant Visas, Immigration Law Complexity, USCIS

From the first prehistoric evenings sitting around campfires, humans have been telling stories. Heroic myths, fairy-tale fables, oral histories — all have been seared into heart and memory through the power of narrative. Civil and criminal trials are merely stylized forms of storytelling.  Journalism’s hook, theatre’s Sturm und Drang, reality television’s sour and sweet confections — all are bottomed on stories.

Although … Continue Reading

The Immigration Appeaser-in-Chief Should Try Some New Ammunition

Posted in Border Issues & CBP, Employment-Based Immigration, Enforcement/USICE, Foreign policy, Immigration Reform, Obama Administration on Immigration, USCIS

President Obama had a macho moment this week when he suggested, rhetorically, a poll of ghosts. “Ask Osama Bin Laden” and the “22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who’ve been taken off the field,” he proposed, “whether I engage in appeasement.”  The storied bugaboo of foreign-policy appeasement, best typified by the flaccidity of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in the … Continue Reading

Immigration Governance Unmasked

Posted in Consular Officers, Immigration Agency Expertise, Immigration Reform, USCIS

Who really wields power in Washington?  The December 3rd opening sketch of Saturday Night Live, featuring Fred Armisen as a chastened President Obama, offered an answer to the question. 

SNL‘s Obama shared his insight, gained over the last three years, that the presidency is not truly a powerful post, but merely a “ceremonial position . . . a majestic figurehead.” Disabused of any pretensions of strength … Continue Reading