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Half a Loaf Immigration Reform

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At the beach when the tide is going out, the waves recede and it seems that nothing is happening in the sea. But the truth is that the great swells are gathering strength beneath the waters, building energy for the time the tide will return. 

~ Dean Walley, “The Tides of Life”

These words aptly describe what’s happening in Washington. … Continue Reading

RNC Hoisted on Its Own Immigration Petard in Opposing Path to Citizenship

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Last Friday the Republican National Committee (RNC) passed a resolution opposing a path to citizenship for the 11 million people living among us without immigration status. Viewing these individuals as gate-crashers or overstayers, the resolution claimed that a majority of Americans “oppose any form of amnesty that would propose a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.” Inexplicably, however, the RNC … Continue Reading

House GOP Says Immigrant Suffering Hurts Less Than Citizen Suffering

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Bipartisan outrage erupted in the House last week, with usually loyal Republicans among the most furious and outspoken in the GOP-controlled chamber. Rep. Peter King, a Long Island Republican, chastised House leaders for conduct that is “absolutely inexcusable . . . absolutely indefensible.” Declaiming that “we cannot just walk away from our responsibilities,” King said that “anyone . . … Continue Reading

The Senate Must Modify Its Filibuster Rules to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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“ And there took place . . . [in the U.S. Senate] so many “extended discussions” of measures to keep them from coming to a vote that the device got a name, “filibuster,” from the Dutch word vrijbuiter, which means “freebooter” or “pirate,” and which passed into the Spanish as filibustero, because the sleek, swift ship used by Caribbean pirates was … Continue Reading

The GOP Position: Immigration under Glass

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Labor Day, the quaintly traditional start of the Presidential election season, arrived this year with the memory still fresh of self-mortification Republican style — the projection of Second Amendment rights squarely into their collective feet.

Rather than enjoying a customary post-convention bump in the polls, GOP candidate Mitt Romney received “easily the worst rating given to any of the Continue Reading