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Prosecutors, Aim Your Weapons — Targeting Fraud upon Immigrants

Posted in Guest Columns, Immigration Reform, Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law, USCIS

[Blogger’s note:  Today’s post is authored jointly by Angelo A. Paparelli and Ted J. Chiappari with editorial assistance from Olivia Sanson. It is reprinted with permission from the August 28, 2013 edition of the New York Law Journal. © 2013 ALM Properties Inc. All rights reserved. Further duplication without permission is prohibited. The authors thank the Journal for permission to Continue Reading

Immigration D-Day for DACA: Get Protection!

Posted in DREAM Act, Enforcement/USICE, Guest Columns, Immigration Law Complexity, Immigration Reform, Immigration Regulations, Obama Administration on Immigration, Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law, Unlawful Presence, USCIS

[Blogger’s note:  Tomorrow, August 15, 2012, is perhaps as momentous to DREAMers as D-Day, June 6, 1944, was to The Greatest Generation.   The invasion of Normandy marked the end of World War II in Europe and the fall of a tyrannical Nazi regime that made mincemeat of the rule of law.

Though the comparison may seem hyperbolic to some, I remember Continue Reading

Pre-Election Bipartisanship — Except on Immigration, Where Sen. Grassley Stubbornly Obstructs

Posted in Congress on Immigration, Consular Officers, Employment-Based Immigration, Fraud Detection & National Security (FDNS), H-1B Visas, Immigration Reform, Obama Administration on Immigration, State Department, Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law, USCIS

At President Obama’s signing ceremony for the JOBS Act last week, White House guests slapped high fives with bipartisan glee. They came to the Rose Garden to help “Jumpstart Our Business Startups,” as the new law’s title optimistically promises to do. With pen in hand, the President joined in the merriment, observing that it’s not about blather but action:

One … Continue Reading

Powdered Wig Immigration with the Lawyer as Potted Plant

Posted in Fraud Detection & National Security (FDNS), Legal Representation, Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law, USCIS

Many thoughts rushed through my mind as I read the heartening headline to a press release issued January 19 by the American Immigration Council (“U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Takes Steps to Improve Noncitizens’ Access to Legal Counsel“). 

What did USCIS do to improve access to lawyers?  Did it instruct the agency’s Fraud Detection and National Security DirectorateContinue Reading

Immigration Kudos to ICE and USCIS — Now All of Us Must Get to Work

Posted in Congress on Immigration, Deportation - Removal, Enforcement/USICE, General Immigration, Immigration Reform, Labor Unions, Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law, USCIS

Credibility is the cornerstone of reputation.  That’s why, despite the shock and awe that regular readers of may experience, this blogger (who sees immigration dysfunction virtually everywhere, especially under the Obama Administration) now heartily applauds recent actions of two immigration agencies within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) — ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). 

As suggested … Continue Reading

I Am Furious (Yellow) — at USCIS and its AAO

Posted in Administrative Appeals Office - USCIS, General Immigration, Immigration Law Complexity, Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law, USCIS

In my last post, I quoted Roxana Bacon, the former Chief Counsel of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), our nation’s premier agency charged with determining eligibility for immigration benefits, who chided her erstwhile employer for “timidity” in failing to take legitimate administrative steps to reform America’s broken immigration system.  While her point is correct, I am furious at USCIS, … Continue Reading