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Guest Immigration Post: What Are We Paying for? USCIS and the I-526 Exemplar Process

Posted in Guest Columns, Immigrant Visas, Investor Immigration, USCIS

[Blogger’s Note:  Today’s post comes to us courtesy of my colleague, Brandon Meyer, a prolific writer whose analysis and commentary cover a wide array of immigration law topics.   Brandon offers a spirited post on a troubling aspect of the EB-5 employment-creation immigrant investor green card category. Thanks to him for having allowed me to be in top holiday spirits, undiverted from the Continue Reading

Immigration, Cheesy Style

Posted in Adjustment of Status, General Immigration, Guest Columns, Immigration Courts, USCIS

[Bloggers Note:  Today’s offering is a Guest Post by Nici Kersey, who recounts memories as a child and their lasting impact, even on her practice of immigration law.  For a similar recollection of government handouts from my childhood, click here.]

Government Cheese

by Nici Kersey

My first memory of “the government” involves government cheese.  My great-grandmother always had the stuff … Continue Reading

Guest Post: USCIS Entrepreneur Initiatives – Do They Really Help?

Posted in Guest Columns, Investor Immigration, Obama Administration on Immigration, USCIS

[Blogger’s note:  Sincere thanks go to my colleague and friend, Karin Wolman, for giving me a writing respite during my summer vacation.  Karin’s latest guest post, like her prior ones, available here and here, critique USCIS policy changes that make it less likely that deserving workers, entrepreneurs and investors will receive the employment-based immigration benefits Congress intended in enacting the Immigration Act Continue Reading

Guest Post: The New Immigration Reality for O-1 Visa Petitions by Agents

Posted in General, Guest Columns, O-1 Visas, USCIS


[Blogger’s note:  Today’s post is written by my colleague and friend, Karin Wolman.  Karin’s latest guest post,  like her last one, available here, critiques USCIS policy changes that adversely affect the use of the O-1 visa category by artists and entertainers.  When her last post was published on this blog, I was soon contacted by a senior USCIS Continue Reading

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration SERVICES (REALLY!?!): Where the Wild Things Are

Posted in General, Guest Columns

[Blogger’s Note: Today’s guest posting on immigration dysfunctionality offers a view on pop culture. The parenthetical “(REALLY!?!)” in the title — inserted as an editorial comment by the blog’s usual author — suggests the smarmy skepticism of an Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers riff on Saturday Night Live. The Haloween-themed guest post is by Nici Kersey, my colleague at Continue Reading

Immigration Service Hits Arts Presenters in the Purse

Posted in Employment-Based Immigration, General, General Immigration, Guest Columns, O-1 Visas, USCIS

[Blogger’s Note: This blog on dysfunctionality in the world of U.S. immigration law and policy welcomes principled and thoughtful commentary by guest writers. Today’s guest post is by Karin Wolman, a highly regarded New York immigration lawyer with an expertise in immigration issues affecting artists, entertainers and the venues where they perform.]

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has … Continue Reading

California Immigrants: The Victims of Friendly Fire

Posted in Guest Columns

Guest Column By Peter Schey President, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law

Whether made out of an abysmal ignorance or reckless disregard of fairly well-known facts regarding immigration policy, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger’s recent comments on this subject are hopelessly misguided, profoundly embarrassing to California, and virtually guarantee that the State with the most at stake on migration issues … Continue Reading

Is That Chipotle in My Sushi? – U.S. Immigration Laws Spoil the Flavor of Dining Out

Posted in Guest Columns

Guest Column By Nathan A. Waxman

It’s hard to feel nostalgic about the days when eating out in Manhattan meant choosing from pastrami, cheeseburger, or two slices of pizza. Today we, and our friends on the mainland of the US, can partake of a veritable cornucopia of world cuisines, authentic or naturalized to New World tastes, ranging from Uzbek shashlik … Continue Reading