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Barack Be Nimble: Go BIG and BOLD on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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The caramelizing of the American electorate manifested itself last Tuesday in sweet, polychromatic splendor.  Clearly, American voters — especially the youth, and ethnic communities of Hispanic and Asian-Pacific origin — chose “leaders who are likely to welcome rather than reject our nation’s courageous and deserving immigrants.”

With the elasticity of a yoga master, former stalwarts for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) … Continue Reading

Immigration and the Elections: Attention and Imagination Required

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[Blogger’s note: 

Dear Readers: I promise that this post is indeed about immigration and the quadrennial election on Tuesday.   Please read to the end, beyond the meandering yet relevant introduction, to see the connection.]

Just over four years ago, David Foster Wallace, a gifted, troubled writer of wide acclaim, took his life. Fans of his writing, myself included, have marveled at his intelligence, … Continue Reading

Immigration Lawyers to Join Big Bird in Unemployment Lines

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Debate scorers and pollsters called it even.  Mitt Romney won the first Presidential debate, essentially by showing up. Barack Obama prevailed in the second, a verbal brawl, by departing the state of suspended animation, entering New York state, and manning up.

Observers of the Twittersphere honed in on one line — Mitt Romney’s non-responsive comment to a question in the second Presidential debate on … Continue Reading

Will Immigration Electrify the Presidential Debates?

Posted in Congress on Immigration, Democrats on Immigration, GOP on Immigration, Immigration Reform, Obama Administration on Immigration

Immigration has been dubbed the third rail of American politics, along with Social Security, Medicare, gun control, and a variety of other hot-button issues.  To me, it’s more like a downed power line snaking low across the ground and electrocuting whomever fails to give it respectful attention. As the eyes of the nation turn to the first Presidential debate … Continue Reading

The Immigration Week That Was

Posted in Border Issues & CBP, Congress on Immigration, Consular Officers, Courts on Immigration Law, Customs and Border Protection, Democrats on Immigration, DOL, DREAM Act, Enforcement/DOL, Foreign policy, General Immigration, Global Migration, GOP on Immigration, H-1B Visas, Immigration Reform, Obama Administration on Immigration, State Department, State Immigration Laws

Youthful fans of Saturday Night Live may be forgiven for assuming, however mistakenly, that SNL invented satirical television comedy. The patent for this invention probably ought to go instead to other earlier contenders, Jack Paar, Sid Caesar, Imogene Coco or Steve Allen.  While I love these past and present paragons of humor, I’ll never forget the laughs my Dad … Continue Reading

Immigration Buffets and Buffeting in Congress

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Congress has spread a table laden with reheated immigration delicacies, while still engaging in the usual posturing, pretend friendships and verbal fisticuffs. 

In a spirit of convivial bipartisanship, the House on September 13 passed by a vote of 402-3 legislation the Senate had approved in August, S.3245 (“A bill to extend by 3 years the authorization of the EB-5 Regional … Continue Reading

The Democrats’ Immigration Position: Better But Blemished

Posted in Democrats on Immigration, Deportation - Removal, GOP on Immigration, Immigrant Visas, Immigration Law Complexity, Immigration Reform, Obama Administration on Immigration

The Democratic Convention in Charlotte ended last week. The media has now turned to measuring and marveling at President Obama’s post-convention bounce despite weak Labor Department data revealing persistent joblessness.

The inevitable comparisons of the two parties’ convention performances give the edge to the Democrats’ oratory, production values, crowd enthusiasm and diversity.  On immigration policy, the Dems offered more substantive messaging, while … Continue Reading

The GOP Position: Immigration under Glass

Posted in Foreign policy, Global Migration, GOP on Immigration, Immigration Reform

Labor Day, the quaintly traditional start of the Presidential election season, arrived this year with the memory still fresh of self-mortification Republican style — the projection of Second Amendment rights squarely into their collective feet.

Rather than enjoying a customary post-convention bump in the polls, GOP candidate Mitt Romney received “easily the worst rating given to any of the Continue Reading

Immigration’s Mad Men (and Women)

Posted in GOP on Immigration, Immigration Reform

With the dog days of an election year producing little more than frothy pundits regurgitating banal analyses of the day’s non-events, and seeing no near-term prospect of comprehensive immigration reform, I temporarily turned aside my wonkish ways.

While publishing two posts by guest authors, I time-shifted back to the supposedly halcyon years of my youth, the late 50s and early … Continue Reading

Rethinking Employment-Based Immigration: Stop the GOP’s Slide toward Socialism

Posted in GOP on Immigration

The title of this blog is preposterous, you say. The “Grand Old Party” and “Socialism” — the words are simply inaptly juxtaposed in the same sentence. Strange as it seems, however, when it comes to immigration policy, a reading of the political tea leaves foreshadows a new trend line for the Republicans, one indeed headed down a slippery slope toward … Continue Reading

Dealing with ‘the Reality of What Is’: The GOP Quandary over Immigration

Posted in GOP on Immigration

“I’m having to deal with the reality of what is. You can’t wish it away. What is, is.” So says a glum Ohio Democrat, Governor Ted Strickland, according to reporter Laura Meckler in this weekend’s edition of The Wall St. Journal (“Democrats Face Economic Facts: Updraft Unlikely“). Meckler’s article reports on the prospect that Democrats “will lose their … Continue Reading