Last Tuesday, Chuck Kuck, immediate Past-Prez of AILA, and I covered the landscape of current developments in U.S. immigration law and policy on “The Immigration Hour,” Chuck’s weekly program on America’s Web Radio. If you’ve grown weary of the health-care debate and are hankering for the next large public controversy, give a listen.

We covered the origin and current exploits of the USCIS Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) unit, the latest meanderings of their outsourced compatriots who are paying visits to American employers from sea to shining sea, and the prodding of Sen. Grassley to find more and more perceived and real immigration fraud.

Next, we offered predictions on the prospects for passage of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) before the Congressional mid-term elections. We asked aloud whether the pro-immigration coalition will splinter if legalization’s proponents push so hard for the unauthorized 12 million that the employer community is left empty-handed in its quest for increased H-1B and green-card quota numbers. This would be a painful role reversal for the “split the bill” voices of the business community that abandoned the pro-immigrant community in 1996’s enactment of the draconian Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.

We also asked whether the birthers and tea-baggers will morph into xenophobes and whether the anti-immigrant lawmakers in Congress will at last wake up and smell the strong Hispanic coffee, as the debate moves from health care to immigration. Were our ruminations mere phrenological head-scratchings? Or, did we make a valid point or two? You decide, and then kindly comment on this blog. All views are welcome.