Judging from the response, this blogger’s commentary today in Forbes.com annoyed more than a few opponents of legal immigration. One writer thought the piece was funny, suggesting that my commentary earned me a spot on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. Others suggested a pecuniary interest in that more work visas mean more work for immigration lawyers. But one writer, a foreign worker who gave up on the U.S. immigration system, tells of how he and other foreign transplants prospering at newfound jobs in London could no longer tolerate the unfairness and dysfunction of America’s broken system of legal immigration. In essence, that commenter proved the point of the article: Congress and the Administration should be ashamed that — in all their claimed concern for the failing economy — they have overlooked a readily available, jobs-based solution to our nation’s economic woes. Now more than ever, surgical corrections to the employment-based, legal immigration system are urgently needed. Scrap the ill-conceived visa quotas and allow our country to benefit from the job-creating talents of the foreign workers who we educate in America or who want to come and contribute to our country.