You Can Find Immigration Lawyers in the Strangest Places: Angelo Paparelli Weighs in on Subprime Mortgage Crisis in Quote for The New York Observer on December 11, 2007

Addressing the economic subprime mortgage crisis by way of “picket wielding demonstrators” was all but ignored by spectators walking by one block north of the New York Stock Exchange on December 11, 2007.“Some spectators, like lawyer Angelo A. Paparelli, agreed that the government needs to do more to stem the two million mortgage foreclosures that are expected in the next two years.”

“Obviously, there has to be a political solution [because] someone’s ox is going to be gored; the question is who suffers and who wins out,” he [Paparelli] said on the sidelines of the protest. “Everyone is culpable here. I feel for these people, but if they had no realistic hope of servicing the debt, they should pay. If they were duped, then the duper should pay. [President Bush’s plan] is arbitrary and doesn’t go far enough though.”

Lysandra Ohrstrom, “Wall Street on Jesse Jackson Foreclosure March: ‘These People Are Not Victims,’ The New York Observer, December 11, 2007.Read entire article at: Click this link