Angelo Paparelli was interviewed recently by Los Angeles Times reporter Nicole Gaouette about a federal judge’s decision striking down a Pennsylvania city ordinance that sought to punish landlords who rent to undocumented immigrants and employers who hire them, and ruling that immigration law is the province of the federal government alone. Paparelli was quoted on the ruling:

Irvine immigration lawyer Angelo Paparelli — president of the Academy of Business Immigration Lawyers, which says it advocates “enlightened business immigration reform” — said the ruling could cool local illegal immigration campaigns.“I think the cities and states will be given a handy justification for not taking action,” he said, “and I hope the pressure will be redirected back at Congress, where it belongs.”

David G. Savage and Nicole Gaouette, Times Staff Writers, “Hazleton immigration law is rejected – A city cannot take such a national issue into its own hands, a judge rules in Pennsylvania,” Los Angeles Times, July 27, 2007. Full article available at:,1,4961607.story