Apocalypse Never: Victorious Work Visa Strategies

Presented by: Angelo Paparelli, Managing Partner of Paparelli & Partners LLP


On Tuesday, September 18, 2007, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and 1 p.m. Eastern Time, Angelo Paparelli will offer a telephone briefing brought to you by www.entertheusa.com and www.briefingsource.com.

Background: For many U.S. employers, America’s immigration laws present opportunities and risks. Your company can be immigration champs (if you know the ropes) or immigration chumps (if you lack information to avoid the sucker punches). Our nation’s immigration laws can play a vital role in allowing American employers to recruit and hire the best and brightest professional workers with critically needed skill-sets from anywhere on the planet. Wise use of available work visas and employment-based green-card strategies can help employers leap ahead of domestic and foreign competitors.

What you will learn: This presentation, by Angelo Paparelli, a nationally renowned immigration lawyer and author, will discuss: 

  • How to structure your foreign-worker hiring strategy to gain maximum benefits with minimum risk.
  • How to select the best work visa category among the alphabet-soup of visa options for your company’s and candidate’s unique situation.
  • How to continue recruiting even when immigration quotas are full.
  • How to keep the “keepers” by transitioning nonimmigrant workers to permanent (“Green Card”) status.
  • How to legally terminate foreign workers for-cause or as part of a reduction in force.
  • How to defend your company against a Labor Department or DHS investigation.

Who should attend: Hiring decision makers, human resource upper management

About your speaker: Angelo Paparelli, a lawyer licensed in California, New York and Michigan, is President of the Academy of Business Immigration Lawyers (www.abil.com). He also serves as Managing Partner of Paparelli & Partners LLP (www.entertheusa.com), a leading immigration specialty firm in New York, NY and Irvine, CA. Selected as the world’s leading corporate immigration lawyer by The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers (2005 & 2006), and named a first-tier business immigration lawyer by Chambers Global. Mr. Paparelli writes an immigration law blog (www.nationofimmigrators.com), and serves as an expert witness on immigration issues in a wide array of courtroom disputes.

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