Fighting Crime: A Workshop for Immigration Lawyers lawyers today, no matter the focus of their practice, increasingly are coming face-to-face with the dreaded word “CRIME.” A valued client has been charged with a crime, or worse yet, a shamefaced client belatedly “remembers” that a criminal conviction rests in the closet. More and more often, federal authorities dismiss the option of a civil violation in favor of criminal prosecution. Immigration attorneys dread the word “crime” – not just because it may waylay even the best nonimmigrant or green-card strategy and mean escalated consequences for their clients. They dread it because it signifies work outside the immigration comfort zone, or perhaps beyond the lawyer’s level of competence. So they face a painful dilemma: Refer the client and a lucrative matter to a more-experienced practitioner or jump into the deep water without a life vest. It doesn’t matter if their practice is white- or blue-collar, family- or employment-based, immigration-court focused or service-center centric, most lawyers simply dread the “crime” word. They may have attended past seminars on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions, but then Congress, the agencies and the courts keep changing the rules and interpretations. What worked before, now may be foreclosed or ineffective.
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Solving Complex Immigration Challenges While Super-Charging Your Career and Your Law Firm

Immigration-law representation and practice management have never been more difficult. The ever-changing law is mind-bogglingly complex, agency regulations are either indecipherable or nonexistent, and the bureaucratic response is typically confused, nonsensical or unforgiving.

Media bloviators befuddle, inflame and frighten the public about America’s “Broken Borders”. ICE conducts unannounced raids of employers and sweeps of the hapless alien parents of U.S. citizen children. USCIS launches a new website that spits out more error messages than answers. CBP snares both overstays and legitimate travelers alike who apply for admission at ports of entry. The DOL’s buggy PERM program perplexes long-time and new practitioners. DOS and DHS are hamstrung by delays in FBI security clearances. The AAO rubber-stamps USCIS denials while pretending to be impartial. The State Department reports monthly quota backlogs that move at a chelonian pace. Future H-1B hopefuls are stuck like insects in amber while awaiting April 1 and October 1. A newly reconstituted, Democrat-controlled Congress is set to attempt a grand resolution on comprehensive immigration reform legislation with Pres. Bush.

Meantime, today’s clients are more demanding and panic-stricken than ever because the stakes for them have never been greater.

  1. With all that is riding on the work of today’s immigration lawyers, are you and your law firm ready for the minefields and IEDs that lie ahead?
  2. Are you drowning in tedium, paperwork, red tape and online inanity, finding it hard to make an honest buck, and feeling unloved and undervalued?
  3. Is your immigration practice where it should or could be?
  4. Is it time to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone and ramp up your immigration career and your law firm to a higher level?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then you should request the DVD of this one-day groundbreaking seminar presented by world-class immigration lawyer, Angelo Paparelli, and other handpicked crème de la crème experts.
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