mp3 International Education Conference Podcast – Chapter 2 Chapter 2 of the International Education Conference Podcast provides a rich discussion of the “intent to return” visa issuance requirement for foreign students. The law, nicknamed “214(b)” in reference to INA §214(b), requires foreign students to have a residence in a foreign country which they have no intention of abandoning. The requirement has formed the basis of countless denials of student visas and has been the source of much frustration for educators. This blogger discussed 214(b) with Department of State officials Tony Edson and Martin Tatuch during two parts of the conference. The discussions have been edited and spliced together with a musical interlude indicating the deletion of intervening presentations. The resulting podcast provides a comprehensive treatment of 214(b) issues, including whether proof of residency is an appropriate or effective tool to “weed out” non-serious students, the difficulty young students face in meeting the standard, and the Department of State’s guidance on the issue. The cable of the Department of State on “Students and Immigrant Intent” is available at: