mp3 A World of Immigrants Podcast The Next Frontier – Employment-Based Global Migration To succeed in today’s challenging business environment, global companies must recruit, keep and place the top talent where and when needed, despite tougher host-country immigration laws and post-9/11 security screens. To scale the career heights, knowledge workers must be prepared to live and work outside the familiar confines of one’s homeland.Given these converging trends, globally competitive companies must take ownership of a process far broader than mastery of the work permit and residence rules in the headquarters country. World-class companies must develop a migration management business model that allows for employment-based transfers of key personnel from country to country, with minimal delay and proper attention to law compliance.For a discussion of this timely and vital topic, join Andrea Elliott and Angelo Paparelli in a World of Immigrants Podcast, “The Next Frontier – Employment-Based Global Migration.” Andrea is the Principal of Pro-Link GLOBAL, a boutique immigration firm specializing in global work permits, residence permits, entry visas, and immigration documentation and management services. Angelo, the moderator of World of Immigrants and blogger of, leads the 12-lawyer immigration specialty firm, Paparelli & Partners LLP, from offices in New York City and Irvine, CA.