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Immigration Flippancy: USCIS Impedes Travel Abroad for No Good Reason

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Deciphering the workings of the bureaucratic mind is never easy.  What seems settled practice is often anything but. Abrupt abandonment of longstanding policy can happen in a nanosecond — many times with nary a word of forewarning or explanation. Usually there’s an unstated backstory  — one that can be divined by asking the forensic question first popularized by the Romans:  … Continue Reading

Immigration Protectionism Costs America Billions

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I worry a lot about the future facing America’s young adults.  Saddled with Dickensian levels of college and grad-school debt, largely unable to find opportunities in their preferred careers, our young fear that they’ll be relegated to work in low-paid, dead-end jobs. They and their parents are rightly concerned that the middle class is disappearing, the gulf between the ultra-rich … Continue Reading

Race to the EAD: Revitalizing Depressed American Cities through State Immigration Initiatives

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As economic opportunities appear to diminish in the United States, global mobility management has become the hottest trend in migration. 

In the globalized world, executives, entrepreneurs, investors and talented workers are voting with their feet and moving to places where economic opportunities entice.  (For background, see my recently published article, “Global Mobility Management – A Primer for Chief Legal Officers and Continue Reading

Immigration ICE Storms Are Brewing: 7 Steps Employers Must Take NOW

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The weather outside is frightful. Large chunks of hail are beating the earth in the form of “Notices of Inspection” (NOIs), delivered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  These NOIsome ICE chunks are hitting the doorsteps of more and more U.S. employers (1,000 have just landed). Even in unlikely San Francisco I understand that at least two large employers are shivering as … Continue Reading