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You Say You Want a Devolution — in Immigration That Is

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Will comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) die a slow and ignominious death in the House?  Will the Republican Party, whose thought leaders on the far right chant “Kill the Bill,” face a near-term visit by the Grim Reaper?

Are conservatives abandoning conservatism over immigration, as David Brooks and this blogger maintain? Are lobbyists who were “drinking brandy and Continue Reading

Race to the EAD: Revitalizing Depressed American Cities through State Immigration Initiatives

Posted in Employment-Based Immigration, General Immigration, Global Migration, Immigration Reform, Investor Immigration, Obama Administration on Immigration, State Immigration Laws, USCIS

As economic opportunities appear to diminish in the United States, global mobility management has become the hottest trend in migration. 

In the globalized world, executives, entrepreneurs, investors and talented workers are voting with their feet and moving to places where economic opportunities entice.  (For background, see my recently published article, “Global Mobility Management – A Primer for Chief Legal Officers and Continue Reading