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Memo to Immigration Reformers: “First catch your [EB-5] hare!”

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Winston Churchill, whose mother was American (Jennie Jerome of Brooklyn), could just as well have been speaking about the components of comprehensive immigration reform.  Instead he was commenting on the Allies’ post-World War II plans for world governance when, in the summer of 1942 with the war yet unwon, he said:

I hope these speculative studies will be entrusted mainly to … Continue Reading

The EB-5 Investor Immigration Program: Green Shoots or Chutes and Ladders?

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The EB-5 immigrant investor green card program resembles a multi-country version of Chutes and Ladders, the “game of rewards and consequences“.  In the EB-5 edition, the ladder represents progress toward a green card and the chute is an ICE-tunneled luge ride ending in immigration court at a removal hearing. 

This comparison only begins to approach the bewildering … Continue Reading