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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Immigration Thought Leadership – Needed Now More Than Ever

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Writing for The Hill, pundit Kathy Kemper just published a thoughtful piece on “Debt and immigration.”  In it she contrasts American policy-makers’ obsession with the financial Sword of Damocles, set to behead us on August 2, with Norway’s all-consuming focus on the aftermath of a xenophobic madman’s gutless acts of murder and mayhem. 

Americans, it seems, can think only of financial insecurity (apparently because … Continue Reading

Revenue-Raising Immigration: The $$$ Visa

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As the debt-ceiling crisis causes America to plunge headlong into the lemming-led abyss of a credit default, Congress and the country are reminded of a timeless truth. “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”

In these parlous times, our nation is regularly compared to the nearly deadbeat country of Greece, which tried recently but unsuccessfully to sell Continue Reading

Immigration Promises Made, Debts Unpaid

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Are we a trustworthy nation?  The world waits to see if the American government becomes a deadbeat on August 2, when the debt ceiling is hit.  Will the country break faith with its creditors?  Will it stiff Social Security recipients, the ill and disabled, fallen warriors and others whose lives or fortunes depend on Uncle Sam’s unflagging reliability.

The New York Times Continue Reading

Race to the EAD: Revitalizing Depressed American Cities through State Immigration Initiatives

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As economic opportunities appear to diminish in the United States, global mobility management has become the hottest trend in migration. 

In the globalized world, executives, entrepreneurs, investors and talented workers are voting with their feet and moving to places where economic opportunities entice.  (For background, see my recently published article, “Global Mobility Management – A Primer for Chief Legal Officers and Continue Reading