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Monthly Archives: January 2011

The Nine Best Immigration Practices for U.S.-Inbound Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Investors

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Over more than the last 30 years, I’ve advised countless foreign businesses and investors seeking to establish operations in the United States. Many thrived, but some, regrettably, failed to survive. Often, the founders’ inattentiveness to the requirements of U.S. immigration law has been a primary cause of rough beginnings or failures to launch. This blog post will offer best immigration … Continue Reading

ICE’s New Employment Compliance Inspection Center to Target the Largest U.S. Companies

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Practicing employment-related immigration law seems much like serving as consigliere to the biblical David and advising him on Goliath’s points of vulnerability (“[smite] the Philistine in his forehead“). As the bar knows well, in immigration matters the brobdingnagian federal government tends to go after the most lilliputian of American businesses. 

The early case law interpreting the duty of employers to complete Form I-9Continue Reading

Rethinking Employment-Based Immigration: Stop the GOP’s Slide toward Socialism

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The title of this blog is preposterous, you say. The “Grand Old Party” and “Socialism” — the words are simply inaptly juxtaposed in the same sentence. Strange as it seems, however, when it comes to immigration policy, a reading of the political tea leaves foreshadows a new trend line for the Republicans, one indeed headed down a slippery slope toward … Continue Reading