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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The 2010 Nation of Immigrators Awards – The IMMIs

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As the year 2010 — a lost decade of failed immigration opportunities — draws to a close, let’s look back at 365 days of immigration dysfunction – American style.

Nation of Immigrators hereby confers its first annual IMMI Awards. (Full disclosure: There is no nominating committee for the IMMIs. These are my personal choices. If you disagree with me or … Continue Reading

Immigration DREAMers and the Way Forward: An Open Letter to President Obama

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Dear Mr. President:

With all respect, and lingering if flagging admiration, I write to help you tackle a problem — America’s broken immigration system. If you do the right, bold thing on immigration, it could well determine the success of your presidency and facilitate your reelection in 2012.

You’ve already admitted that the voters gave you a “shellacking” in the … Continue Reading

DOL’s Immigration Dereliction – The Continuing Perils of Hilda and Her PERM

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When we last left our heroine, Hilda Solis, the Secretary of Labor, she faced uncomfortable and still-unanswered questions about why her agency shrinks from performing its statutory duty to determine labor shortages while playing mountebank to American and foreign workers and U.S. employers. The source of the bureaucratic trickery, we learned, is the “labor certification” process, a specious test … Continue Reading

Immigration Dereliction — The Perils of Hilda and Her PERM

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Hilda Solis — the Secretary of Labor — hails proudly from immigrant stock. She understands the suffering immigrants endure for a chance at the American Dream. She also knows the importance of ensuring that U.S. workers are protected and treated fairly. I wonder how she continues to tolerate the abuse of American and immigrant workers, and of U.S. employers, … Continue Reading