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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Immigration Bread and Circuses: An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert

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Dear Stephen,

I’ve been letter-writing lately on immigration — to Glenn Beck and to the Editor of The New York Times. As a loyal American and a citizen of ColbertNation, it’s high time I correspond with you.

I’m writing to applaud your appearance before the House Judiciary Committee during “Protect Our Harvest,” the Immigration Subcommittee hearing … Continue Reading

Immigration Innocents and the Dream Act: An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

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Dear Glenn:

I’ve never communicated with you before, but something you said recently prompts me to write.

I saw you on C-SPAN during your August 28 Restoring Honor event at the National Mall in Washington. Like many others, I was pleasantly surprised that you turned away from politics and focused instead on time-honored moral and religious values.

You spoke about … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: It’s Always the Economy, Stupid!

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James Carville’s famous snowclone on how to win an election — “It’s the economy, stupid!”— has new, very buff legs. With the traditional Labor Day launch of campaign season just six days ago, the American people have already witnessed the fur of political charges and countercharges flying. The 24/7 news cycle and the ocean of tweets, blogs and YouTube … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: Consular Voices Recorded in the Key of ‘No’

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Let’s resume our journey along the road where the arts intersect with America’s dysfunctional immigration system. (Previous blog stops en route are posted here and here.) Two weeks ago, USCIS made news when it reportedly held up the approval of a visa petition for America’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan, thus requiring Larry King to extend his term as … Continue Reading