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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dealing with ‘the Reality of What Is’: The GOP Quandary over Immigration

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“I’m having to deal with the reality of what is. You can’t wish it away. What is, is.” So says a glum Ohio Democrat, Governor Ted Strickland, according to reporter Laura Meckler in this weekend’s edition of The Wall St. Journal (“Democrats Face Economic Facts: Updraft Unlikely“). Meckler’s article reports on the prospect that Democrats “will lose their … Continue Reading

The Dark Sides of Immigration Fame and Anonymity

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For someone whose career had seemed in rocket-vectored ascendancy, Piers Morgan — famed British journalist, TV host, 2008 winner of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, and 2006 season judge of America’s Got Talent — has encountered an implacable obstacle. The object reportedly in his way is so impenetrable that, even with help from CNN, Piers cannot pierce it.

As first … Continue Reading

Rethinking Immigration: No More Border Voodoo Economics

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Supporters of stricter border enforcement must have uncorked the champagne yesterday. The Senate, in bipartisan fashion, broke a deadlock over funding and passed S. 3721, a $600 million emergency appropriation that would bring 1,500 more federal enforcers and unmanned aerial drones to the U.S. border. Last week, the requisite number of House members voted “yea” to a similar bill … Continue Reading