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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Talkin’ Immigration with Chuck Kuck: FDNS, CIR and Anti-Immigrant Tail-Spinners

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Last Tuesday, Chuck Kuck, immediate Past-Prez of AILA, and I covered the landscape of current developments in U.S. immigration law and policy on “The Immigration Hour,” Chuck’s weekly program on America’s Web Radio. If you’ve grown weary of the health-care debate and are hankering for the next large public controversy, give a listen.

We covered the origin and current … Continue Reading

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration SERVICES (REALLY!?!): Where the Wild Things Are

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[Blogger’s Note: Today’s guest posting on immigration dysfunctionality offers a view on pop culture. The parenthetical “(REALLY!?!)” in the title — inserted as an editorial comment by the blog’s usual author — suggests the smarmy skepticism of an Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers riff on Saturday Night Live. The Haloween-themed guest post is by Nici Kersey, my colleague at Continue Reading

Congress Gives Immigration-Agency’s E-Verify Program Three More Years to Fail

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Much like the drunk who looks near the street lamp for a lost key because that’s the only place where there’s light, House and Senate conferees have granted a three-year extension of life support to the still-tottering E-Verify system — the only legit e-game in town for confirming employment eligibility. Congressional gamblers also double-downed on their E-Verify bet by approving … Continue Reading

With the New G-28, Immigration Agency’s Rugged Individualism Defies the Rule of Law

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As a recent post by an immigration colleague notes, quite a brouhaha has erupted within the immigration bar and among purveyors of immigration case management software over a new outbreak of immigration singularity. The fuss this time involves an electronic form (the new G-28). Beginning October 30, a paper printout of a completed and signed “e-G-28” must … Continue Reading

Immigration Service Hits Arts Presenters in the Purse

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[Blogger’s Note: This blog on dysfunctionality in the world of U.S. immigration law and policy welcomes principled and thoughtful commentary by guest writers. Today’s guest post is by Karin Wolman, a highly regarded New York immigration lawyer with an expertise in immigration issues affecting artists, entertainers and the venues where they perform.]

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has … Continue Reading

Immigration-Agency Handicappers Lose Their Wad and Their Way

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The September 27 death of Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, William Safire, brought tears to throngs of readers who shared his passion for the English language (even as many disagreed with his politics). The passing on July 29 of Walter Cronkite, news anchor extraordinaire, America’s most trusted person, evoked sadness among those who wistfully recalled an era when newscasters … Continue Reading