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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Fast and Slow Immigration Change

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The first days of the Obama administration have already witnessed a new form of alternative energy. Long pent-up momentum has been released in the forward movement of rallying cries for comprehensive immigration reform. With no time to wait or patience, the President’s campaign supporters urge quick action. Others urge action on backlog reduction at USCIS and the Labor Department.

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Federal Contractors Get a Break from Immigration Stess: E-Verify Postponed

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Federal contractors, Congress and the Obama administration have yet another respite, this time until May 21, 2009, to decide what to do about E-Verify. In a notice to be published today in the Federal Register, contractors and subs who enter into covered agreements with the federal government need not enroll for now in E-Verify.

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Immigration Intrigues in the Interregnum

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The end of one presidency and the start of another often spark strange behaviors in Washington, especially when spiked with the catnip of immigration.

Remember the Nannygates of years past when Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood (Clinton nominees for Attorney General) and Linda Chavez (Bush’s Secretary of Labor Designate) all fell from grace for housing or employing unauthorized foreign workers. … Continue Reading

Immigration Tipping Point

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For several months, I’ve looked into the immigration tea leaves and seen the need to make a major career change. Immigration law has reached game-changing inflection points in the past: The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986; the Immigration Act of 1990; The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

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