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Monthly Archives: February 2006

World of Immigrants Podcast

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mp3 A World of Immigrants Podcast The Next Frontier – Employment-Based Global Migration To succeed in today’s challenging business environment, global companies must recruit, keep and place the top talent where and when needed, despite tougher host-country immigration laws and post-9/11 security screens. To scale the career heights, knowledge workers must be prepared to live and work outside the familiar… Continue Reading

An Open Letter To USCIS Ombudsman: AC21 In Court

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Guest Column by Julie Soininen Copyrighted by, and reproduced with permission of ILW.COM.

I am writing to seek your assistance on behalf of several dozen clients of my firm. As you know, a recent Board of Immigration Appeals decision, In re Perez Vargas (23 I&N Dec 829 (BIA 2005), held that Immigration Judges have no authority to determine whether … Continue Reading