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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Immigration Agency’s 10-year Strategic Plan Outlines New, Chilling Uses for Information Technology

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – the unit within the Department of Homeland Security authorized to provide immigration, naturalization and visa benefits – has just issued its 10-year strategic plan.

In a letter announcing the plan, Eduardo Aguirre, Jr., the USCIS Director, offers a commendable description of how a robust commitment to providing immigration benefits will continue to enrich … Continue Reading

No Broom and Shovel Brigade: Cleaning Up Immigration Messes in M & A Transactions Before They Occur

Posted in Employment-Based Immigration

Blog readers may not be aware of the challenges the key players involved in a merger, acquisition or other corporate restructuring encounter when they try to understand the secret immigration law affecting M & A deals. The law is secret because it exists primarily in old memoranda issued by the former Immigration and Naturalization Service – an agency abolished in … Continue Reading