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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Bipartisan Cure or Beltway-Spawned Pandemic?

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When it comes to the divisive subject of immigration, on one point the competing camps, surprisingly, agree. The body politic is inflamed and afflicted. The carbuncle that is illegal immigration must be lanced. The fester must be allowed to drain and the wound to heal. Americans must discover a way to get back on our collective feet if we are … Continue Reading

California Immigrants: The Victims of Friendly Fire

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Guest Column By Peter Schey President, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law

Whether made out of an abysmal ignorance or reckless disregard of fairly well-known facts regarding immigration policy, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger’s recent comments on this subject are hopelessly misguided, profoundly embarrassing to California, and virtually guarantee that the State with the most at stake on migration issues … Continue Reading